Latest Results and 3rd Round Draw

The 2nd round of the Club Championship has now been completed;

1.P.Patel v K.Harvey draw

2.J.Harrison v M.Radford draw

3.G.Forster v A.Griffiths 0-1

4.S.Foster v P.Allen 1-0

5.L.Kacprzak v S.Parham draw

6.K.Argyle v A.Sutton draw

7.K.Richards v M.Frings 0-1

8.J.Dell v M.James 1-0

9.A.Chubb v N.James 0-1

The 3rd round draw is as follows;

1.K.Harvey – S.Foster

2.P.Allen – J.Harrison

3.M.Radford – P.Patel

4.N.James – G.Forster

5.M.Frings – J.Dell

6.L.Kacprzak – K.Argyle

7.A.Sutton – A.Chubb

8.S.Parham – K.Richards

Mike James – bye

Alan Griffiths – requested 3rd round bye.

As always, the first named player has white. Also, please note that there will be no round played in December so the 3rd round can be extended if anyone requires a little longer to play their game.

League table will be published after the 3rd round..

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