Club Championship Round 3

August 1st, 2015

Round 2 Results; P.Allen 1-0 A.Griffiths; A.Lathif 0-1 M.Radford; S.Foster 1-0 A.Lester; M.James 0-1 G.Forster; K.Harvey 0-1 J.Dell; K.Argyle 0-1 L.Kacprzak; G.Gibson 1-0 M.Frings; A.Sutton 1-0 S.Parham; A.Meade 1 point bye.

Round 3 Pairings (to be played in August);

M.Radford v P.Allen

G.Forster v S.Foster

L.Kacprzak v G.Gibson

A.Griffiths v A.Lathif

A.Meade v A.Sutton

J.Dell v M.James

K.Harvey v A.Lester

S.Parham 1 point bye.

Sheffield Success For Andrew Sutton!

July 5th, 2015

Central were represented at the recent Sheffield Congress by AK and Andrew who both entered the Minor Section.

After a draw in the first game Andrew stormed away to take a share of first prize, the highlight being a win in 10 moves on the Sunday.

AK finished on a respectable 50% score and will be amongst the prize money at Congresses before too long.


AK and John Dell played for the U-100 County team in the Final against Kent on Saturday 4th. Kent are considered a strong team and were expected to win but Notts upset the odds and returned with the trophy.




Round 1 Results/Round 2 Pairings

July 1st, 2015

Round 1 Results

A Griffiths 1-0 J Dell; L Kacprzak draw K Harvey; M Radford 1-0 K Argyle; M Frings 0-1 S Foster; G Forster 1-0 S Parham; A Lathif 1-0 G Gibson; P Allen 1-0 A Meade; A Lester 1-0 A Sutton; M James bye.


Round 2 Pairings (to be played July 2015)

P Allen v A Griffiths

A Lathif v M Radford

S Foster v A Lester

M James v G Forster

K Harvey v J Dell

K Argyle v L Kacprzak

G Gibson v M Frings

A Sutton v S Parham

Bye; A Meade.

Club Champs 1st Round Pairings 2015

June 7th, 2015

Here are the 1st round pairings to be played in June (4 club nights left); First named player has the white pieces.

Alan Griffiths – John Dell

Lukasz Kacprzak – Kevin Harvey

Mark Radford – Kevin Argyle

Mick Frings – Steve Foster

Geof Forster – Simon Parham

Akmal Lathif – Graham Gibson

Patrick Allen – Alex Meade

Ashley Lester – Andrew Sutton

Mike James – 1st round bye (half point).

Club Championship Latest!

March 12th, 2014

Results from Round 4

J.Harrison (withdrawn) 0 – 1  A.Griffiths;  A.Sutton 1 – 0  S.Foster;  K.Argyle 0 – 1  K.Harvey;  M.Radford 1 – 0  M.Frings;  S.Parham 1 – 0  G.Forster;  P.Allen draw  L.Kacprzak;  K.Richards (withdrawn) 0 – 1  M.James.


Pairings for 5th (final) Round

1. A.Griffiths (4.0) v A.Sutton (2.5)

2. S.Foster (2.5) v M.Radford (2.5)

3. K.Harvey (2.5) v S.Parham (2.0)

4. G.Forster (1.5) v K.Argyle (1.5)

5. M.Frings (1.5) v P.Allen (1.5)

6. M.James (1.5) v L.Kacprzak (1.5)


Matches to be played April/May

Club Champs Round 4 Pairings.

February 7th, 2014

Round 3 Results; A.Griffiths 1-0 M.Radford; S.Foster 1-0 G.Forster; J.Harrison 1-0 P.Allen; M.Frings 1/2 A.Sutton; L.Kacprzak 1/2 K.Argyle; M.James 0-1 S.Parham


Round 4 Pairings;

J Harrison (2.5) v A.Griffiths (3.0)

A.Sutton (1.5) v S.Foster (2.5)

K.Argyle (1.5) v K.Harvey (1.5)

M.Radford (1.5) v M.Frings (1.5)

S.Parham (1.0) v G.Forster (1.5)

P.Allen (1.0) v L.Kacprzak (1.0)

K,Richards (0.5) v M.James (0.5)


Matches to be played in February if possible or early March if not…

Club Championships Round 3

January 4th, 2014

To be played in January;

1. A Griffiths (2.0) v M Radford (1.5)

2. S Foster (1.5) v G Forster (1.5)

3. J Harrison (1.5) v P Allen (1.0)

4. M Frings (1.0) v A Sutton (1.0)

5. L Kacprzak (0.5) v K Argyle (1.0)

6. M James (0.5) v S Parham (0.0)

3rd Round byes; K.Richards (0.0); K.Harvey (1.0).

2nd Round Results; M.Radford draw J.Harrison; P.Allen 0-1 A.Griffiths; K.Harvey draw S.Foster; G.Forster 1-0 L.Kacprzak; A.Sutton 1-0 K.Richards; M.Frings 1-0 M.James; K.Argyle 1-0 S.Parham.

Club Championship Results and Pairings.

November 4th, 2013

Round 1 results as follows;

1. J.Harrison 1-0 A.Sutton; 2. L.Kacprzak draw K.Harvey; 3. A.Griffiths 1-0 M.Frings; 4. S.Parham 0-1 M.Radford; 5. S.Foster 1-0 K.Argyle; 6.K.Richards 0-1 P.Allen; M. James & G.Forster half point bye.

Round 2 pairings as follows (games to be played November/December);

1. M.Radford v J.Harrison

2. P.Allen v A.Griffiths

3. K.Harvey v S.Foster

4. G.Forster v L.Kacprzak

5. A.Sutton v K.Richards

6. M.Frings v M.James

7. K.Argyle v S.Parham



Club Championship Rd 1 2013-14

September 30th, 2013

Games to be played before the end of October;

1. John Harrison      v   Andrew Sutton

2. Lukasz Kacprzak v   Kevin Harvey

3. Alan Griffiths        v   Mick Frings

4. Simon Parham      v   Mark Radford

5. Steve Foster          v   Kevin Argyle

6. Ken Richards        v   Pat Allen

Mike James half point bye; Geof Forster half point bye.

First named player has white.


Fancy a Game of Chess?

August 1st, 2013

Come along to the ‘King Billy’ on Tuesday 6th August 2013!

Starting at 8pm we will be holding a social event for members and non-members alike.

This will involve friendly 15 minute (each) games of chess.

As always a  great range of beers and snacks will be available to buy at the bar.

We always welcome new members and pride ourselves on being based centrally in the best pub in Nottingham. We are competitive in the Notts Chess League but also enjoy social chess with the option of  some decent ale.

Fed up of playing on the internet? Come along and play some ‘proper’ chess!

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