Central 1 Away to Gambit 4

September 19th, 2015

Our first team managed to exactly duplicate Central 2’s result from the week before with a draw against Gambit 4 in their first game in Division 3.

Both Andrew and Geof produced their usual solid performances, Andrew now being unbeaten in 7 games, playing confident chess, and more than able to hold his own for the first team.

Alan, on board 1, pretty much outclassed his lower rated opponent. The position became complicated in the middlegame and his opponent eventually lost on time with Alan very much in control.

Steve also was pressing, turned down a draw but was unable to break his opponent down.

Unfortunately Graham was unable to repeat his heroics from the previous week and went down to Mike Harper.

1.  Peter Gorecka-Marshall     0 – 1      Alan Griffiths
2.  John Huthwaite                  draw      Stephen Foster
3.  Derek Padvis                      draw     Geof Forster
4.  Michael Harper                  1 – 0     Graham Gibson
5.  Margaret Gretton               draw     Andrew Sutton    match drawn.



Central 2 Away to Gambit 5

September 11th, 2015

The 2nd team got the new season underway on Tuesday night with a visit to our near neighbours and newly promoted Gambit 5.

We turned up ready for battle so there was no need for Graham’s (in)famous ‘car-park speech’. Indeed Gambit have no car-park so it would have been tricky.

The teams were fairly well matched so it was no surprise that the honours were even at the end of the night.

Graham recorded a smooth win on top board against Ronnie Watson, whilst both Andy and Pat split the point without too much drama.

Simon, after shouting ‘QUIET!’ at the top of his voice just after the start due to excessive Gambit raucousness possibly managed to put himself off and made a bad mistake in the opening. The position became pretty complicated and unbalanced later on (at one stage it appeared that the pieces had been dropped on the board randomly) but eventually he succumbed.

I unleashed Bird’s Opening on an unsuspecting Ken Heath and played pretty solidly, setting up a Stonewall pawn formation completely neutralising his Bishops. The stage was set for my Knights to maraud but somehow the pawn formation neutralised my Knights as well. Oh well, I’m happy with a solid draw in the first game of the season.

1. Ronnie Watson   0-1     Graham Gibson

2. Derek Padvis      draw  Andrew Sutton

3. Mike Seagrave    draw   Patrick Allen

4. Alan Groves        1-0       Simon Parham

5. Ken Heath          draw     Kevin Argyle         Match drawn.


Round 3 Results/Round 4 Pairings

September 3rd, 2015

M.Radford draw P.Allen; G.Forster 0-1 S.Foster; L.Kacprzak 1-0 G.Gibson; A.Griffiths 1-0 A.Lathif; A.Meade 0-1 A.Sutton; J.Dell draw M.James (not played); K.Harvey draw A.Lester (not played); M.Frings 0-1 K.Argyle; S.Parham 1 point bye.

Round 4 Pairings; (Games to be played in September or October)

S. Foster (3) v M. Radford (2.5)

P. Allen (2.5) v L. Kacprzak (2.5)

A. Sutton (2) v A. Griffiths (2)

J. Dell (1.5) v G. Forster (2)

A. Lester (1.5) v M. James (1.5)

G. Gibson (1) v A. Meade (1)

K. Argyle (1) v A. Lathif (1)

S. Parham (1) v M. Frings (0)

Club Championship Round 3

August 1st, 2015

Round 2 Results; P.Allen 1-0 A.Griffiths; A.Lathif 0-1 M.Radford; S.Foster 1-0 A.Lester; M.James 0-1 G.Forster; K.Harvey 0-1 J.Dell; K.Argyle 0-1 L.Kacprzak; G.Gibson 1-0 M.Frings; A.Sutton 1-0 S.Parham; A.Meade 1 point bye.

Round 3 Pairings (to be played in August);

M.Radford v P.Allen

G.Forster v S.Foster

L.Kacprzak v G.Gibson

A.Griffiths v A.Lathif

A.Meade v A.Sutton

J.Dell v M.James

K.Harvey v A.Lester

S.Parham 1 point bye.

Sheffield Success For Andrew Sutton!

July 5th, 2015

Central were represented at the recent Sheffield Congress by AK and Andrew who both entered the Minor Section.

After a draw in the first game Andrew stormed away to take a share of first prize, the highlight being a win in 10 moves on the Sunday.

AK finished on a respectable 50% score and will be amongst the prize money at Congresses before too long.


AK and John Dell played for the U-100 County team in the Final against Kent on Saturday 4th. Kent are considered a strong team and were expected to win but Notts upset the odds and returned with the trophy.




Round 1 Results/Round 2 Pairings

July 1st, 2015

Round 1 Results

A Griffiths 1-0 J Dell; L Kacprzak draw K Harvey; M Radford 1-0 K Argyle; M Frings 0-1 S Foster; G Forster 1-0 S Parham; A Lathif 1-0 G Gibson; P Allen 1-0 A Meade; A Lester 1-0 A Sutton; M James bye.


Round 2 Pairings (to be played July 2015)

P Allen v A Griffiths

A Lathif v M Radford

S Foster v A Lester

M James v G Forster

K Harvey v J Dell

K Argyle v L Kacprzak

G Gibson v M Frings

A Sutton v S Parham

Bye; A Meade.

Club Champs 1st Round Pairings 2015

June 7th, 2015

Here are the 1st round pairings to be played in June (4 club nights left); First named player has the white pieces.

Alan Griffiths – John Dell

Lukasz Kacprzak – Kevin Harvey

Mark Radford – Kevin Argyle

Mick Frings – Steve Foster

Geof Forster – Simon Parham

Akmal Lathif – Graham Gibson

Patrick Allen – Alex Meade

Ashley Lester – Andrew Sutton

Mike James – 1st round bye (half point).

Club Championship Latest!

March 12th, 2014

Results from Round 4

J.Harrison (withdrawn) 0 – 1  A.Griffiths;  A.Sutton 1 – 0  S.Foster;  K.Argyle 0 – 1  K.Harvey;  M.Radford 1 – 0  M.Frings;  S.Parham 1 – 0  G.Forster;  P.Allen draw  L.Kacprzak;  K.Richards (withdrawn) 0 – 1  M.James.


Pairings for 5th (final) Round

1. A.Griffiths (4.0) v A.Sutton (2.5)

2. S.Foster (2.5) v M.Radford (2.5)

3. K.Harvey (2.5) v S.Parham (2.0)

4. G.Forster (1.5) v K.Argyle (1.5)

5. M.Frings (1.5) v P.Allen (1.5)

6. M.James (1.5) v L.Kacprzak (1.5)


Matches to be played April/May

Club Champs Round 4 Pairings.

February 7th, 2014

Round 3 Results; A.Griffiths 1-0 M.Radford; S.Foster 1-0 G.Forster; J.Harrison 1-0 P.Allen; M.Frings 1/2 A.Sutton; L.Kacprzak 1/2 K.Argyle; M.James 0-1 S.Parham


Round 4 Pairings;

J Harrison (2.5) v A.Griffiths (3.0)

A.Sutton (1.5) v S.Foster (2.5)

K.Argyle (1.5) v K.Harvey (1.5)

M.Radford (1.5) v M.Frings (1.5)

S.Parham (1.0) v G.Forster (1.5)

P.Allen (1.0) v L.Kacprzak (1.0)

K,Richards (0.5) v M.James (0.5)


Matches to be played in February if possible or early March if not…

Club Championships Round 3

January 4th, 2014

To be played in January;

1. A Griffiths (2.0) v M Radford (1.5)

2. S Foster (1.5) v G Forster (1.5)

3. J Harrison (1.5) v P Allen (1.0)

4. M Frings (1.0) v A Sutton (1.0)

5. L Kacprzak (0.5) v K Argyle (1.0)

6. M James (0.5) v S Parham (0.0)

3rd Round byes; K.Richards (0.0); K.Harvey (1.0).

2nd Round Results; M.Radford draw J.Harrison; P.Allen 0-1 A.Griffiths; K.Harvey draw S.Foster; G.Forster 1-0 L.Kacprzak; A.Sutton 1-0 K.Richards; M.Frings 1-0 M.James; K.Argyle 1-0 S.Parham.

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