League Action 30/11

Grantham travelled to our venue for the second time in two days having played Nomads the night before. This time we were consigned to the conservatory room due to a wake being held upstairs. The light was just about adequate, reminiscent of the dark days at the King Billy.

To the chess. Alan continued his winning ways on board 1 by beating Grenville Wollerton. Alan gave up a pawn early on for (he hoped) suitable compensation. His opponent then tried too hard to hold on to that pawn and was comfortably beaten in the end. 1-0

Mick felt that an inadvisable pawn move was the deciding factor which cost him the game against his higher rated opponent. 1-1

My game against Richard Chilcott revolved around my IQP which Richard could have won at one point but missed the tactic much to my relief. The position was pretty even throughout and I was happy to take a draw in probably a slightly inferior position. 1.5-1.5

Mark, playing Chris Hill, played a fairly uneventful game with a blocked position and then some minor skirmishes later on but the agreed draw gave us a drawn match which we have to be satisfied with, the Grantham team being higher graded. 2-2

Good luck to the second team against Radcliffe & Bingham!



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