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Latest Results and 3rd Round Draw

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

The 2nd round of the Club Championship has now been completed; 1.P.Patel v K.Harvey draw 2.J.Harrison v M.Radford draw 3.G.Forster v A.Griffiths 0-1 4.S.Foster v P.Allen 1-0 5.L.Kacprzak v S.Parham draw 6.K.Argyle v A.Sutton draw 7.K.Richards v M.Frings 0-1 8.J.Dell v M.James 1-0 9.A.Chubb v N.James 0-1 The 3rd round draw is as follows; 1.K.Harvey […]

Latest Results/Pairings

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

The games for the 1st round of the CC are now completed. Results are; K.Harvey – L.Kacprzak 1-0; A.Sutton-J.Harrison 0-1; A.Griffiths-K.Argyle 1-0; M.Frings – S.Foster 0-1; M.Radford – J.Dell 1-0; S.Parham – P.Patel 0-1; P.Allen – K.Richards 1-0; M.James – G.Forster 0-1. No upsets as yet… 2nd Round Pairings to be played by 31/10; 1. […]

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