(Kevin Argyle)

Central 2 maintained their hope of Division 5 promotion with a convincing 3-1 win against Radcliffe & Bingham 3 this week.

Mike James was the first to bring home the full point with an excellent display on board 4. The two players were evenly matched by rating but Mike gradually won more and more material with solid, sensible moves resulting in his opponent dropping his queen and the game under the relentless pressure.

Mark Turner was never in any trouble and made it 2-0 with the minimum of fuss. Simon was playing well against his young opponent, a newcomer and an unknown quantity. Although he was put under pressure Simon slowly turned the tables, slowly and methodically built up a strong position, then slowly ran out of time.

Game of the match was Ben’s on top board against his highly-rated opponent. After some tactical skirmishes the game came down to a rook and pawn endgame with Ben having an extra pawn and an advanced one at that. Although the win was not so easy to work out (my opinion, Alan begged to differ), Ben managed to swap the rooks off and his extra pawn decided it.

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