Club Championships Round 2 Draw

Results from Round 1; L.Kacprzak 0-0 K.Harvey (not played); A.Griffiths 1-0 M.Frings; K.Argyle 0.5 S.Foster; M.Radford 1-0 J.Dell; A.Lester 0-1 G.Gibson; T.Bostrom 1-0 S.Parham; M.James 0-1 A.Sutton; P.Allen 0.5 A.Meade.

Round 2 Pairings

G. Gibson v A. Griffiths

A. Sutton v M. Radford

S. Foster v T. Bostrom

A. Meade v K. Argyle

M. Frings v P.Allen

J. Dell v A. Lester

S. Parham v M. James

Matches to be played in October if possible. Possible extension into November due to the lateness of the 2nd round pairings.


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