Round 1 Results/Round 2 Pairings

Round 1 Results

A Griffiths 1-0 J Dell; L Kacprzak draw K Harvey; M Radford 1-0 K Argyle; M Frings 0-1 S Foster; G Forster 1-0 S Parham; A Lathif 1-0 G Gibson; P Allen 1-0 A Meade; A Lester 1-0 A Sutton; M James bye.


Round 2 Pairings (to be played July 2015)

P Allen v A Griffiths

A Lathif v M Radford

S Foster v A Lester

M James v G Forster

K Harvey v J Dell

K Argyle v L Kacprzak

G Gibson v M Frings

A Sutton v S Parham

Bye; A Meade.

2 Responses to “Round 1 Results/Round 2 Pairings”

  1. AK Says:

    Just when i mentioned last night I dont want to play against Mark. hahaha

  2. Sutton Says:

    Exciting tournament so far. Lots of us on 1 out of 2! Every game hard. Analysed my game v Simon and Simon was clearly winning after exchange of Queens. I was lucky. Michael did very well given grading difference v Geof. Some thrilling chess to watch. The Kev A v Lukasz game was a thriller too. And Graham v Mick very tight. Ashley had a good go at Stephen. Alex v Pat was a humdinger. In synopsis, great tournament so far.

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