Decisions, Decisions…

(by Kev.A., from observation & Alan’s report)

Strange how things turn out, with last week’s first team match against Nomads being postponed, as agreed by the captains, then being back on, as overturned by the League. Nomads were struggling to get a team out with it being half-term week and the expectation was that they had very little chance of winning, having to turn out a seriously weakened side.

This imbalance between the two sides was evened up somewhat with Steve calling in sick. For a while it looked like we might have to default a board but Simon, always eager for a game, stepped in at the last minute.

On the night Alan turned up to find a darts match in full swing in our space but managed to turf them out in time.

The chess started well for Central with John establishing an early advantage on board 2 against Greg Sargent whilst both Alan and Graham had equal positions with not much play for either side. Andy and Simon on the lower boards were also looking comfortable.

John converted his advantage without too much trouble but that’s pretty much as good as it got for Central with Simon eventually losing to Clement Owusu (who clearly enjoys his beer and chess, joining us at the bar afterwards for some chessic conversation). Andy also lost to Mike Swanwick from a commanding position but somehow forgetting about a last ditch mating threat. He was inconsolable afterwards, feeling that he’d cost us the match.

Both Graham and Alan tried hard to eke something out of very drawish positions against Rob Parker and Maurice Hill respectively but to no avail. Match lost 3-2.

Over the weekend, the U100 county team were at home to Warwickshire with Central again represented by myself, John Dell, Alex Meade & Simon Parham. The match turned into a close affair with Notts eventually edging it 6.5-5.5. I found myself on board 2 against Peter Davies and after some tactical skirmishes in my favour and with my opponent thinking for long stretches of time he just made the time control a piece down. In trying too hard to find a checkmate I then made a mistake giving Peter the piece back and probably a won game. He then, appearing very stressed, offered me a draw. I accepted. When his teammate pointed out he was winning he replied “I’ve had enough”. With our game being one of the last to finish, this decision may well have cost Warwickshire the match.

Simon won comfortably, John’s game was pretty even throughout and ended a draw. Alex lost although she had chances.


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