Central 1 vs Nomads 2 (15th January 2018)

Report by Andy:

Hi All

In such a tight division wins and losses are super significant. Tonight we came good against one of the early leaders!

First to finish was Kev, sore quite reasonably from his recent reverse. I share his desire for revenge against radcliffe and Bingham. Draw that set up us up nicely.

I was black also and could make no progress without great risk, so I offered the draw and it was accepted.

Pat next, hopefully gaining some confidence with a solid performance. Again with black.

And so it remained for our players with white. I’d love to see Oliver’s game coz he won a piece and converted the point. And was rightfully delighted in his debut for the First team. What an addition to the first team! The pressure must have been mounting with each draw, but Oliver was completely unphased.

And so it was left to Mark, who could have pressed maybe but didn’t need to. Never looked at risk of losing and had the draw offer accepted.

A superb team effort. Each player having faith in the other. Each playing to not lose and believe that if they didn’t win, Oliver would!


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