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All three Central teams were in action this week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with mixed results.

The 3rd team made the long trip to Newark on Monday evening. It’s always a struggle to get a team together for Monday night away matches and this was no exception. John Dell recorded the only victory in a 3-1 defeat.

The 2nd team hosted the newly formed Grantham 3 in their first ever fixture and managed to inflict their first ever defeat in an exciting match that went down to the last board. Lukasz was totally outgraded on top board but Andy & Pat played their usual solid games and drew. Andy’s opponent got into serious time trouble but when his flag finally fell Andy had insufficient mating material (King and Knight) and a draw was declared. Me and Mick were facing inexperienced opponents on the bottom two boards and won reasonably comfortably.

A welcome win after the quite frankly depressing visit to West Notts last time out.

1. L. Kacprzak  0 – 1     G Wollerton

2. A. Sutton      draw   A. Carrasco

3. P. Allen         draw   C. Cumbers

4. M. Frings     1 – 0     K. Laing

5. K. Argyle      1 – 0     J. Pocock

Central 2 won 3 – 2

The 1st team, with the welcome return to action of John Harrison, travelled to Long Eaton but had some bad luck in that Steve was not well and Geof arrived late after getting lost in a traffic diversion. Alan maintained his 100% record on top board. They lost narrowly 3 – 2.

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  1. Alan Griffiths Says:

    Kev is too modest. His “comfortable win” involved a pretty queen sacrifice followed by a mating attack.

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