The Navigation Chess Club Web Site Gets a Face Lift

The club’s web site has a face lift! Well, at least a change of style. The change of style is a result of moving the site to run under the WordPress blogging software, a technical change that gives us a couple of advantages:

  • It makes updating of regular pages much easier
  • It makes it easy to have a blog on the site, this making it easy to post news and updates

The way the site looks will almost certainly change a little in the near future – and the current look is just to facilitate making the change and get it up and running using its new hosting technology. In fact, the look may well change quite a lot!

2 Responses to “The Navigation Chess Club Web Site Gets a Face Lift”

  1. phil jacobs Says:

    Hi I am interested in attending the club. does anyone go from wollaton I could get a lift with?

  2. John Hamer Says:

    Hi Mark
    I enjoyed last night at the chess club Hope to be a regular member if you will have me Can you update the webpage please some of the material needs to updated Thank you for a enjoyable evening Yours John

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