Club Champs Round 1 Pairings 2016-17

To be played in August/September. First named player has white.

L.  Kacprzak РK. Harvey

A. Griffiths – M. Frings

K. Argyle – S. Foster

M. Radford – J. Dell

A. Lester – G. Gibson

G. Forster – S. Parham

M. James – A. Sutton

P. Allen – A. Meade

One Response to “Club Champs Round 1 Pairings 2016-17”

  1. Sutton Says:

    Can’t wait for the start of another epic championship. Had a good battle with Michael James last year and I expect another good game this time. Now what does he play first as white???

    Good luck everybody.

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