Central 2 Relegated. Central 1?

(By Kevin Argyle)

It was potentially a tense and exciting last match for the second team with us needing a win (a draw would have been enough if the League decided only two would go down). Radcliffe & Bingham 2 also needed a win to stay up.

As it turned out, although we beat R&B at their place, it was a much stronger team that arrived at the King Billy. The result was never really in doubt, especially as we were missing Mark Radford and Pat Allen, and we lost 4.5-0.5. Simon got the draw.

Earlier in the season, I thought getting relegated would be a bit of a disaster but I have changed my view since. We are doomed to always battle against relegation in Division 4 so it will make a pleasant change to lead an assault on the Division 5 summit, not to mention a couple of inter-club matches (and an extra home game).

Last week we had a 4 round blitz tournament amongst 8 of us organised by Andy Sutton. It was the standard, enjoyable blitz fare, all blunders and mad time scrambles. Looking forward to more of the same throughout the summer. Come on down!

Are Central 1 promoted or not? We won’t know until next year’s league structure is finalised. Fingers crossed.


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