Central News 10th Dec.

Not much Christmas cheer for Central 2 and 3 in the run up to the festive period.

The Third Team were turned over by West Notts and not even a fist fight in the pool room next door could put the youngsters off their stride.

The Second Team hosted WB4 and I had some hopes of a decent result as we had Mark Radford back for his first game of the season on board one. He played Allan Brown but couldn’t make the grading difference count and only drew. Mark’s only comment on the game was “I played like a muppet” (polite word substituted for the one Mark actually used).

Graham was again rock solid and drew a tight game against team captain Chris Budd.

I played a decent game against Ed French on board 3 and found myself with a really good, probably winning, position leading up to the time control. Unfortunately the two random moves I played to actually make the time control frittered away most of the advantage and I blundered shortly after. Such is life below 100.

Both Mick and Simon lost to give WB a 4-1 win.

Not even the woman with the incredibly irritating laugh could save us this time (nothing is THAT funny).

Roll on the Xmas do…

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