A Merry Christmas From Central!

The Nottingham Central Christmas party was held on Tuesday 22nd at the King William IV pub. The special theme this year was “Chess” and so there was lots of it to dive into along with the excellent (as usual) buffet and the typical wide choice of beverage.

Kev Harvey provided some brain teasing chess puzzles to solve which got groups of Centralites huddled round the end table at various times during the evening in a desperate bid to win the small prize Kev had promised for best solver. I believe Alan won it.

There was a ‘random draw’ six round blitz tournament and although not really an ‘official’ winner, notable results were Pat Allen scoring 5.5/6 and Kev Harvey scoring 5/6.

Kev Harvey took the honours for Tournament Performance Rating based on opponents’ grades with 149, Andrew Sutton coming second with 143 and Geof Forster third with 137.

Worst performance was Drag Sudar from Gambit with 1/6 although to be fair he did only play the first round.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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