Ashfield 4 v Central 2 (26th September 2018)

Ashfield 4 Central 2
Peter Clarke 0 1 Mark Radford
Ray Sayer 1/2 1/2 Andy Sutton
Richard Dyce 1/2 1/2 Lukasz Kacprzak
Ric Dawson 1/2 1/2 Mick Frings
George Heath 0 1 Alex Meade
1.5 3.5

Very quick win for Mark, followed by a draw for Lukasz, a rather lucky draw for Mick and an unstoppable passed pawn win for Alex. Andy’s opponent offered a draw in a complex (at least to me) position. –¬†Mick Frings

I offered the draw, from a position of strength. Great win! –¬†Andy Sutton

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