Nomads 2 V Central 1 (Monday, 17th September 2018)

Much Dialogical Dialogue at the Grinder last night and a league point to celebrate, although it could easily have been a victory.

Thanks to John Dell turning up. A mix up meant we had six players. Sorry John. Got confused.

Lukasz was first to finish, having hot footed it by plane and bus and dressed in holiday fashion. Not sure what went wrong, but a long series of exchanges resulted in the loss of the major exchange, Queen for Rook.

Kevin Harvey took a huge lead in development and won in quick time. Well done Kevin.

Simon blundered in a tactical exchange, fought on bitterly but had to concede.

Mark returned to form to level the scores, looking well pleased with himself throughout the encounter with a powerful display.

All this in the first hour and twenty minutes, while my game was ratcheting up in tension. I played really well. Two pawns up and a passed a pawn sprinting for home. Tiredness and my opponents tricky counter play forced me to blunder. I had no choice. But with flags hanging my opponent felt he could do no better than to offer the draw.

Match Drawn.

Nomads 2 Central 1
Will Eyre 0 1 Kevin Harvey
Dave Griffiths 0 1 Mark Radford
Graham Neil 1/2 1/2 Andy Sutton
Michael Swanwick 1 0 Lukasz Kacprzak
Paul Rees 1 0 Simon Parham
2 .5 2.5

Note, Nomads we’re significantly higher graded than us on boards 4,5 so a fair result.


Sorry for the delay in posting this, I was out of the country and failed to access the website. Alan

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