Central are Back in Action!

The new 21/22 season saw both Central 1 and Central 2 in action with differing fortunes.


Central 2 made the (very short) trip to West Bridgford club on Monday but only came away with a half-point courtesy of Lukasz. Both Joe and Ben were playing their first league game and will benefit from the experience.


Central 1 hosted Nomads 2 the following night which saw Adrian Dibble play his first game for us. It was hard to know what to expect as Nomads whole team consisted of new players but we managed a convincing victory with only Alan dropping a half point, frittering away a winning position and being very annoyed with himself afterwards.

Mark won quickly and easily, a victory for Mick followed soon after and from a complicated position Adrian eventually managed to trick his opponent, sacrificing a rook to bring home the full point.


It’s great to have league chess back!

Kev Argyle

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