Central 1 v W.Notts 2 (Tues 9/11/21)

Central 1 remained unbeaten after a 2-2 draw against West Notts 2 at the Embankment pub.

Things started well after another fast and convincing win by Mark. His opponent played very passively in the opening allowing Mark to build an impressive and unchallenged pawn centre. Lacking any space to maneouvre, his opponent was nicely checkmated after just 23 moves.

Mick was next to finish, he went a pawn up but eventually agreed a draw leaving us needing just one more point for the match.

I built up a big advantage in the middlegame but failed to find the right moves and let my opponent back into the game. At one point he had a mate in three but failed to find it and with time running out, an advanced passed pawn was enough to clinch a draw.

Alan was again upset with himself after miscalculating and turning a technical win into a loss. Surely his first win of the season is not far away.

Kevin Argyle.





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