Mixed Fortunes for Central Teams

Central 2 travelled to the University last week in division 5 but saw no action as their opponents were unable to set up the equipment in anywhere near the time allowed (30 minutes). A 4-0 default win was duly claimed and the team hit the pub to celebrate their second successive ‘whitewash’ win.


The first team travelled to Radcliffe & Bingham to take on their second team but came up short. As predicted by me last match report, Alan got back to winning ways against Barry Redburn but that’s as good as it got with Mick and Adrian both falling to defeat. I was last to finish again. A pawn down in a blocked position and my king-side attack going nowhere I accepted a draw and conceded the match.

It was good to see one or two old faces again. I’ve not been at a bar with Dorothy for some time…

Kevin Argyle



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